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Your support helps us to deliver the relevant information that makes a difference in our community, country and the world. If you already have a subscription and you'd like to renew, please click on the plan you'd like to renew below, call 410-554-8200 or mail your check with this form.

If you've renewed already and your subscription doesn't expire until 2021 for example you can renew today and extend your rate until 2022 and then at that point renew at the new member rate as decribed below.   

NOTE: These prices are effective until 8/31/20 - after this time subscribers will become founding members of our new AFRO A Card Program.  Going forward as we move to a membership model at your next renewal date you renew at these rates $40/yr digital or $100/yr print and digital with the following membership benefits:  

e-mail briefs, discounted afro products + exclusive virtual event access + partner discounts + access to archive issues + annual web/social announcement
(i.e. birthday, anniversary, graduation) 

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We now accept accept CASH APP for subscription payments $AFROSUBS Please send your name,  plan,  phone number, mailing address and email receipt to 



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